Family aid A multitude of benefits for families

Don't know whether you can get family allowances? Contact the Children's Future Fund ('Zukunftskeess') and explain your personal situation. The scheme of family allowances was entirely reformed in 2016, the year the Zukunftskeess was created. 

Children's future as the core focus

In Luxembourg, there is an entire scheme of family benefits: family allowances, a back-to-school allowance, a birth allowance and a special supplementary allowance. The required steps can easily be taken online via, the administrative guide of the Luxembourg state.

Did you know that you can claim a certain number of benefits if you are a cross-border worker? These include back-to-school allowances or the increase of family allowances according to the children's age.

In 2020, the total benefits paid by the Zukunftskeess amounted to 1,259.606.560,69  euros and most of the budget was for family allowances, which 116,773  families benefited from.

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