Health Technologies Luxembourg's HealthTech sector is continually expanding and attracting international talent

Societies and health systems all across the globe are facing similar challenges: an aging population, the spread of chronic diseases and the lack of medical personnel and infrastructures. To meet these challenges, Luxembourg is set out to be one of the world leaders in the HealthTech sector. 

Revolutionizing healthcare in Luxembourg

Future medical care is digital and personalised. Relying on a sound ICT infrastructure as well as innovative solutions to store, protect and analyse data, the new medical aid could very well respond to the demographic and medical challenges, associated with the ageing of our population. By capitalising the Grand Duchy's ICT strengths, such as modern infrastructures, artificial intelligence, 5G or Tier IV data centres and by focusing on four key pillars, i.e. diagnostics, digital health, health data analytics and health wearables, Luxembourg aims to stand out from the international competition.

In order to diversify the national economy, the Government is firmly committed to establish Luxembourg as a key destination for capital and talent from the HealthTech sector, with the ultimate goal to achieve the successful transition from a public research-driven to a business-driven innovative ecosystem.

Over the last ten years, significant investments were made to set the necessary foundations in order to develop new HeathTech start-ups and attracting businesses from other continents. Meanwhile, this young sector, still at its inception, already counts over 130 active private companies, of which more than 30 are digital health start-ups. In the future, a particular emphasis will be placed on the development of Luxembourg as a centre of excellence in digital health, as an essential step towards personalised medicine. 

The HealthTech Cluster – your partner of choice

The Luxembourg HealthTech Cluster is managed by Luxinnovation, the national innovation agency, and brings together key public and private national players involved in the sector. By supporting existing and new businesses, stimulating the interaction within the HealthTech ecosystem or advising on national and European funding opportunities, the cluster ensures that companies can thrive in Luxembourg. 

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