5G The Grand Duchy advances on its path of digital transformation

The 5th generation of mobile network technology (5G) is in full development in the world and Luxembourg is preparing for its arrival. To this end, in 2018 the country adopted a national 5G strategy which already imagines the fields of application of this advanced technology. Artificial intelligence, interconnected objects, self-driving vehicles - 5G has been developed in order to satisfy the increased connectivity needs of our digital society. Imagine the opportunities that a download speed 10 times faster than that of 4G can offer us!

How 5G is going to change our daily life

The speed and data capacity offered by 5G creates endless possibilities that will enhance our personal and professional lives.

Improved road safety thanks to autonomous vehicles is just one concrete example reflecting the enormous potential of 5G technology. A driverless car facing an obstacle requires instant data transmission that only an ultra-high-performance network can guarantee.

Agriculture with smart farms, connected homes and energies and so forth are additional areas that require the transfer of huge amounts of data in order to work properly.

This huge amount of data is closely related to the artificial intelligence which extracts and processes the data generated by the applications.

The first roll-outs

The benefits of the new technology will be felt daily by the population, for example through new connected services improving regional planning for mobility or sustainable development, enabling schools to make greater use of ICT in classrooms or making remote surgery possible.

In the context of several pilot projects, five so-called "pioneer" zones have been defined in Luxembourg in order to run 5G application tests as from 2020:

  • An area of the Plateau du Kirchberg with cultural and leisure infrastructures;
  • the 'CFL Multimodal' centre in Dudelange;
  • the Automotive Campus in Bissen;
  • the Belval site with the University;
  • a section of a major traffic route.

An easy and transparent transition

These innovative projects will greatly enhance the prosperity of Luxembourg as a start-up nation. The Grand Duchy in its role as digital leader will then be able to host a whole wave of new businesses connected with the Internet of Things and 5G! In its strategy, the Government has announced its intention to collaborate with operators in respect of financing. This will make the fast and efficient roll-out of new networks significantly easier.

In the service of Europe

In order to achieve the Digital Single Market, a priority of the European Union, international cooperation is essential. There is therefore no doubt that Luxembourg wishes to contribute to the resolution of issues relating to the standardisation of 5G technology. In the context of autonomous driving, the Grand Duchy wishes to meet the challenges of connection interruptions when crossing borders. As expertise in the satellite industry is one of our country's major assets, Luxembourg is committed to the development of satellite solutions that will contribute to the reliability of the 5G network. With this combination of objectives in mind, the Grand Duchy is making great strides towards a digital society and economy.

Luxembourg's pursuit of 5G begins...

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According to the Europe 5G Readiness Index by inCITES Consulting, Luxembourg ranks among the 10 countries best prepared for the deployment and adoption of 5G. The strength of the Grand Duchy: Regulation and Policy.

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