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Luxembourg’s gift for Finns: jazz concert by the Grammy awarded conductor will culminate the Grand Duke’s state visit

Within the framework of the Luxembourg state visit in the Republic of Finland

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Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg are currently on a state visit in Finland. One of the highlights during the visit that takes place between 10 and 12 May 2016 is a concert hosted by the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess at Finlandia Hall on Wednesday 11 May. Recordings from the concert will be given as a gift for all the Finns.11-soundcloud-1000X1000LUX-TO-SUOMI

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henri is currently on a state visit in Finland. It has been 23 years since the last visit of the Luxembourgish Head of State. As part of the unique visit, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess want to remember all Finns with a jazz concert recording that will be available through SoundCloud audio platform. Government, politicians and decisions makers from Finland and Luxembourg have been invited to the concert held at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki.

Grammy awarded conductor Gast Waltzing and Luxembourg National Jazz Orchestra, which Waltzing has founded, will perform at the concert. Waltzing was awarded this year with a Grammy for the best World Music Album together with Beninese Angélique Kidjo and the Philharmonic Orchestra Luxembourg.

Luxembourg warmly welcomes Finns

With this musical gift Luxembourg wants to make the nation’s culture and art scene more visible among Finns.

'Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone', pointed out Gast Waltzing in a recent interview.

Luxembourg invites Finns to explore the life of Luxembourg – the country itself might be tiny, but it has extremely versatile and international culture to be inspired by.

Luxembourg’s gift for Finns can be listened to on May 12th, the day after the concert at: https://soundcloud.com/swingingfromluxtosuomi

Gaston 'Gast' Waltzing (born 1956) is a Luxembourger trumpeter and composer. He has founded several jazz bands including Largo and the Luxembourg National Jazz Orchestra. Waltzing has composed music for films and television as well as operas combining classical music with jazz and rock. In 2016 Waltzing was awarded with a Grammy for the best World Music Album.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs)

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