Structure of sport

The Luxembourg National Olympic Committee (Comité olympique et sportif luxembourgeois, COSL) is the central body for sports in the Grand Duchy; its members are the national federations and sports clubs.

The Ministry of Sport contributes to the development of sport in the Grand Duchy and to the achievement of the aims of the sport movement.

The Higher Council for Sport (Conseil supérieur des sports) supports the efforts of the Ministry of Sport.

The National Physical Education and Sports School (Ecole nationale de l'éducation physique et des sports, ENEPS) organises and provides training in sports in conjunction with the movements of the respective sports.

The National Sport Institute (Institut national des sports, INS) is a national training and teaching centre.

The role of the National Anti-Doping Agency (Agence luxembourgeoise antidopage, ALAD) is to report infringements and file for prosecution, and to set up totally independent judicial bodies to investigate charges, taking into account incriminating and exculpatory evidence.

  • Updated 22-03-2018