Luxembourgers are real sports adepts, be it for leisure or competition, or as (television-) spectators at sports events. It is especially in individual disciplines that Luxembourg's high-level sportsmen and -women have managed to stand out.

Nevertheless, in the history of grand ducal sport, one emblematic figure, renowned and admired throughout the world, stands out: the cyclist Charly Gaul (1932-2005). It is indeed the cyclists who have written the best pages of Luxembourg's sports history. 

The athlete Josy Barthel (1927-1992) is another great figurehead of Luxembourg's sports, having won the Olympic gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki games in the 1,500m run.

For some time, the Grand Duchy has proven itself as a competent organiser for major sports events, such as the BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg Open or the ING Europe Marathon Luxembourg. Luxembourg was the point of departure of the Tour de France in 1989 and in 2002, and the country has seen the arrival of 9 stages between 1947 and 2006. 

  • Updated 23-11-2017