Car and driving licence

In order to drive a vehicle in the Grand Duchy, you need to:

You will find all this information and the relevant administrative procedures under our heading 'Driving a vehicle'.

Information about the highway code

Also make yourself familiar with the road traffic rules in the Grand Duchy (Highway Code).

Have your driving licence transcribed or registered

Have your driving licence transcribed or registered at the Driving Licence Department of the National Society for Technical Control (Société nationale de contrôle technique, SNCT) in order to receive a Luxembourg licence quickly in the event of theft or loss of your licence. Consult the Citizens’ Portal for details of 'Having a foreign driving licence transcribed or registered' (website in French and German).

Get your residential parking windscreen sticker

Several cities or towns have introduced residential parking. If you have a car, consider finding out from the municipal administration where you live to find out whether there is residential parking and to obtain a residential parking windscreen sticker.

  • Updated 27-04-2015