Telephony and Internet

Did you know that the Grand Duchy leads the world for access to information and communication technologies? It leads the field in Europe for the percentage of high-speed Internet availability (100% of the country has access) and the development of optic fibre (60% of the country connected on 30 June 2017).

Being connected at home

For new constructions, contact one of the operators to get connected to the network. On the website of the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute (ILR), you can find a public register of all the various operators offering this service. Then - or if you are moving into a property that is already connected - you are free to choose your line operator from the list of telephony operators active in the Grand Duchy.

In fact, all the operators offer combined offers that include fixed telephony, Internet and mobile telephony. Generally, these offers give you better value for the subscription you pay. It is nevertheless possible to choose a different operator for each service. Above all, think carefully before choosing your type of connection, because converting will be expensive.

Being mobile

Keeping abreast of the news on your smartphone, listening to streamed music, or gaming while you wait for the bus: mobile connectivity goes far beyond just being able to make a phone call.

In the Grand Duchy, mobile telephony is offered by a number of operators. Each of them offers a range of contracts and prepaid cards, so it's important to assess your requirements before selecting an option. Don't forget to take your ID card, proof of your address, and your bank details with you for signing a contract. You will also need to provide ID for prepaid cards.

Coverage is excellent in the Grand Duchy: on average, 97% of the country had 4G mobile connectivity in 2017, according to the operators. Connections are of course better in urban areas than out in the countryside.

Some towns also offer free access to Wi-Fi networks, including HotCity, the largest Wi-Fi network in the Grand Duchy. Several places, including Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg City, make it possible for visitors and residents to access their on-line data while they are mobile.
  • Updated 22-03-2019