Associations supporting foreigners

The following bodies and associations help to support foreigners:

  • The Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency (Office luxembourgeois de l'accueil et de l'intégration, OLAI), an administrative agency forming part of the Ministry of Family Affairs and Integration, entrusted with implementing the policy for integrating foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • The Maison des associations a.s.b.l., whose aim is to help promote associations and assist existing associations with their inter-cultural projects, thereby contributing to social cohesion (in French).
  • The Association for the support of migrant workers (Association de soutien aux travailleurs immigrés, ASTI), a non-governmental organisation striving to achieve equal rights. In particular ASTI offers advice to people with problems regarding work permits, residence permits, visas, etc. (in French).
  • The Liaison Committee of Foreigners’ Associations (Comité de liaison des associations d’étrangers, CLAE) a platform for associations established in Luxembourg, which strives to achieve equal rights for all residents. The CLAE organises among other things inter-cultural events, activities for the dissemination of information and social and cultural mediation projects (in French).
  • Luxembourg Accueil Information, an association welcoming foreigners, which facilitates integration in the Grand Duchy through cultural, artistic and sports activities.
  • Updated 27-04-2015