Quality of life

High life expectancy

Luxembourg is among the 10 leading countries when it comes to average life expectancy. This is what emerged in 2014 from the world health statistics of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Indeed, whilst the life expectancy of babies born in Luxembourg in 1990 was 76 years, the WHO predicts that, thanks to numerous factors linked to health, the life expectancy of a baby born in 2012 is 82 years on average. Now the difference between girls and boys continues, as everywhere in the world: life expectancy for boys born in 2012 is 79.7 years, while girls born in 2012 will on average live to the age of 84.1 years.

With these rates, Luxembourg is in 10th position for men, behind in particular Italy, Japan and Sweden, and in 9th place for women, behind France, Australia and the Republic of Korea. Globally, the inhabitants of Japan hold the record for longevity with an average lifespan of 87 years in 2014, followed by Spanish women with 85.1 years.

These figures show in turn the very high standard of living prevailing in Luxembourg, which is highlighted in particular by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

  • Updated 07-05-2015