Quality and cost of living

Is it dear Luxembourg or Luxembourg is dear? In fact, both findings are true. The Grand Duchy is loved by all those looking for a high quality of living, including exceptionally good salaries and social security benefits. It is therefore not by chance that surveys of international renown regularly confirm that Luxembourg is a great place to live.

At the same time, it is undeniable that everyday life in the Grand Duchy comes at a price. Housing remains expensive. The same thing applies to food and again to clothing. On the other hand, everything connected with mobility (public transport, cars, fuel) is cheaper in Luxembourg than in most other European countries.

Our pages also inform you about GDP per inhabitant, which makes Luxembourg one of the richest countries in the world, but has to be qualified as a figure - despite the very good performance of the Luxembourg economy.

In short, decide for yourself in browsing through our articles. You will also find there our budgets for expatriates and students!

  • Updated 07-05-2015