Cost of living

Household income: good results

The average Luxembourgish household spens more than the EU average

For years, the average disposable income per household in Luxembourg has been steadily increasing. In 2015 (latest figures available from Statec), this figure stood at 5,363 euros per month. By way of comparison: as recently as 2003 a household enjoyed on average a monthly income of 4,181 euros.

Eurostat in turn confirms that the material well-being of Luxembourg households is high, by regularly publishing stats and figures for all 28 Member States of the European Union.

Housing weighs heavily

The largest expense, at an averahe 20,000 euros per year per household, is by far that of housing - water, electricity and fuel included. Second highest household spendings: transport (around 8,000 euros). The third largest expenditure is that of food and non-alcoholic beverages: Luxembourg residents spend annually around 5,000 euros in this area.

The precise sums spent annually by Luxembourgers can be consulted on the website of Statec.

  • Updated 10-11-2017