Cost of living

Administered prices and a Commission for price formation

Prices and price formation closely followed

In 2008, while inflation was at a particularly high level, the Luxembourg government drew up an official list of so-called ‘administered’ prices or prices whose formation is directly or indirectly influenced by public authorities (State, municipalities). These prices cover areas as diverse as garbage collection, parking fees, theatre tickets, public transport, medical services, old peoples’ homes, etc.

Then, in the midst of a period of crisis in late 2010, a Pricing Observatory, the Observatoire de la formation des prix, was introduced. This body, which has been integrated into the Competitiveness Observatory of the Ministry of the Economy, aims to closely monitor the evolution of consumer prices and administered prices as well as to produce analyses of the mechanisms of consumer-price formation in Luxembourg. It consists of representatives of consumers, employers' organisations and government representatives. Its activities are monitored by the Consumer Council.

The Pricing Observatory normally meets four times a year. Six-monthly reports on the evolution of prices are published on the website of the Competitiveness Observatory.

  • Updated 22-03-2018