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Numerous multinationals have their European headquarters in Luxembourg. Hence the presence of many expatriates - often highly skilled employees who settle there with their families.

By comparison with other countries and cities, they find a high standard of living at affordable prices. Indeed, according to the ECA International Cost of Living Survey for 2014, Luxembourg is ranked the 58th most expensive city for expatriates in the world and the 19th in Europe.

Luxembourg City ranks 28th

In this survey, ECA International, a service provider in the human resources sector, compared the level of prices in 440 cities worldwide. The data were then used by human resource professionals to calculate the cost-of-living allowances they grant to their expatriates.

The Cost of Living Index, drawn up in the same year by the site, however, reached a different result. Of 194 cities worldwide, the capital of Luxembourg was in 28th place in this survey when it comes to the cost of living.

This site has also compiled a list of prices of the main consumer goods in each of the cities concerned. The staff of has combined this list with other cost-of-living indicators in order to give you an idea (not exhaustive and without any guarantees) of the prices in force in Luxembourg:


Transport ticket for the whole country

34 euros per month


Studio flat to buy

< EUR 252.000

2 bedroom apartment to buy

< EUR 394.000

4 bedroom house to buy

< EUR 665.000

Studio flat to rent

EUR 876

2 bedroom apartment to rent

EUR 1.400

4 bedroom house to rent

EUR 2.500

Private rental deposit

Two months’ rent

Tenant’s liability insurance

250 euros per year

Telephone, internet, mail

Monthly smartphone subscription

EUR 40

Monthly Internet subscription

30 Mbits/s, with fixed-line telephone

EUR 40

1 postage stamp for Luxembourg (>50g)

0.60 euro (fixed)

1 postage stamp for Europe (>50g)

0,85 euro (fixed)

Meals and food

Meal in university refectory

5 euros

Dish of the day in a café

10-13 euros

1 sandwich

4 euros

1 coffee

EUR 2,20

Family loaf 500g

2,1 euros

Fresh milk, 1l

1.3 euro

12 eggs

3.4 euros

Apples, 1kg

2.6 euros

Coffee 250g

3.3 euros

Still mineral water (1.5l)

0.7 euro

Leisure and outings

1 quotidien

1.4 euro

1 cinema ticket

8.3 euros

1 theatre ticket

EUR 20

1 entry to a museum

5 euros

1 rock/pop/electro concert

15-35 euros

1 concert at the Luxembourg Philharmonie

20-70 euros

Inscription/borrowing books and DVDs from a library

Free of charge

Membership of a gym

80 euros per month

Swimming pool

3.40 euros (reduced price: 1.70 euro)

1 entry to a night club

EUR 10

1 beer in a bar

EUR 2,50

1 beer in a night club

5 euros

1 cocktail

EUR 10

Source: Observatoire de l’habitat, Statec (Prices announced for the first quarter of 2014),, Average prices given without any guarantee!

  • Updated 07-05-2015