Cost of living

The budget of the student ...

Luxembourg is gaining popularity among students. They are entitled to financial aid.

A young, but top performing university, interesting internship opportunities, exciting nightlife - in recent years, Luxembourg has become increasingly attractive to students from all over the world.

And they do not allow themselves to be put off by an admittedly relatively high standard of living. At the end of the day, a well-planned budget is half the battle won.

Do you plan to study in Luxembourg? If so, take a look at our table showing a whole series of expenses which you may expect to face.


Enrolment in the University of Luxembourg

400 euros for the 1st and 2nd semester; 200 euros for the semesters 3-6

Teaching material (books, photocopies, etc.)

400 euros per year


Transport ticket for the whole country

37.5 euros per semester


Room in a university hall of residence

380 euros per month (limited availability!

Room in shared private rental accommodation

600-800 euros per month

Privately rented studio flat

750-1000 euros per month

University rental deposit

EUR 350

Private rental deposit (sharing accommodation)

Two months’ rent

Private rental deposit

Two months’ rent

Tenant’s liability insurance

250 euros per year

Telephony and Internet

Monthly smartphone subscription

EUR 40

Monthly Internet subscription

30 Mbits/s, with fixed-line telephone

EUR 40

Meals and food

Meal in university refectory

5 euros

Dish of the day in a café

EUR 10

1 sandwich

4 euros

1 coffee

EUR 2,20

Family loaf 500g

2.1 euros

Fresh milk, 1l

1.3 euro

Eggs, 1 doz.

3.4 euros

Apples, 1kg

2.6 euros

Coffee, 250g

3.3 euros

Still mineral water (1.5l)

0.7 euro

Leisure and outings

1 daily newspaper

1.4 euro

1 cinema ticket

8.3 euros

1 theatre ticket

EUR 20

1 entry to a museum

5 euros

1 rock/pop/electro concert

15-35 euros

1 concert at the Luxembourg Philharmonie

20-70 euros

Inscription/borrowing books and DVDs from a library

Free of charge

Student membership of a gym

45 euros per month

1 entry to a night club

EUR 10

1 beer in a bar

EUR 2,50

1 beer in a night club

5 euros

1 cocktail

EUR 10

Source: Observatoire de l’habitat, Statec (Prices announced for the first quarter of 2014),, Average prices given without any guarantee!

Student grants

In order to provide financial assistance to students, the Luxembourg Government has an interesting system of grants and loans. It is intended for all students at the University of Luxembourg as well as those residents or children of frontier workers who decide to study abroad.

Following the 2014 reform, the system is as follows:

  • Grants

- A basic grant of € 2,000, accessible unconditionally to all eligible students;

- A mobility grant of € 2,000 per academic year, for students who are studying in a country other than their country of residence, earmarked to cover the costs of accommodation;

- A tiered social grant depending on the income of the persons in charge of the student (maximum € 3,000 per academic year). This grant may be awarded if the total annual income of the household to which the student belongs is less than the minimum annual social wage for unskilled workers or 1 to 1.5, 1.5 to 2, 2 to 2.5, 2.5 to 3, 3 to 3.5 or 3.5 to 4.5 times the minimum annual social wage for unskilled workers.

- A family grant (€ 500 per child studying per academic year) linked to the condition that, along with the student in question, one or more other children in the same household are in receipt of financial aid for higher education.

  • Loan

A basic loan of € 6,500 is awarded each academic year to each student.

The amount of the loan for which a student who is not in receipt of a social grant or is in receipt of only part of such a grant qualifies is increased by an amount corresponding to the grant not received (to a maximum of € 3,000).

  • Enrolment fees

Enrolment fees exceeding € 100 are covered to the extent of up to € 3,700 per academic year, 50% by way of grant and 50% by way of loan.

  • Updated 07-05-2015