Good neighbourliness

Is it three o'clock in the morning and your neighbour is still partying without even having giving you advance warning? You know what a common wall is? It is a fact that communal life sometimes brings surprises.

Good Neighbours Guide

But to make good neighbourliness easier, the Ministry of Housing, Syvicol (Syndicate of Luxembourg Towns and Municipalities) and the Luxembourg Association of Neighbourhood Solidarity (Association luxembourgeoise des solidarités de proximité) have drawn up a short Good Neighbours Guide setting out the basic rules to be observed between neighbours.

In this context, the Luxembourg Consumers' Union (Union luxembourgeoise des consommateurs, ULC) went a step further with its publication 'Pour vivre en bon voisinage' ('Living as good neighbours'). It discusses the legal aspects and provides a series of useful tips to avoid problems and disputes with those who live next door.

Mediation services

However, sometimes a conflict between neighbours seems inevitable. In such cases, local mediation services, established in the larger municipalities, can help the people concerned to resolve matters and settle their dispute amicably.

Neighbours' Day

And finally, the easiest way to avoid conflicts between neighbours is perhaps to participate in the Neighbours' Day, which takes place every year in late June in most towns and villages. Whether it involves an aperitif or a giant barbecue, a petanque tournament for all or a friendly meeting at the recreation ground around the corner, this day is dedicated to good neighbourliness.

  • Updated 16-12-2016