Renting a property

Are you planning to settle in Luxembourg and are looking for a flat or house for rent? Maybe you already live in the Grand Duchy, but you have decided to change accommodation, while remaining a tenant? Then this page is designed for you. Find all the useful information about renting a property, from agency fees to flat-sharing, student housing and the energy performance certificate!

Where to look?

In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, searching for a place to rent involves looking at property listings on specialised websites, accessible through, or in the local press. Interested parties may also apply directly to the many estate agencies in the country.

Indeed, in the Grand Duchy, and especially in the capital, few owners manage the renting out of their properties themselves. Most of them entrust this task to an estate agency, which earns a commission for each transaction. Thus, in the case of rental housing, the agency fee is usually one month's rent plus VAT at 17%.

In addition, there is generally a tenant’s guarantee of a maximum of three months’ rent, which also has to be paid before you move in. In some cases, this deposit is paid directly to the owner or transferred into a blocked bank account in the form of a bank guarantee. People who wish to rent a dwelling but do not have the resources to fund the guarantee deposit required by the lessor can seek financial assistance for this guarantee from the State. For more information, please refer to 'Ask for financial assistance from the State to pay a security deposit' on the Citizens' Portal.

Relocation agencies

However, to find an apartment or house to rent, you can also go through a relocation agency, that is to say, a company that provides a personalised service to enable you to settle in smoothly. They help you with the search for housing, deal with administrative formalities, find a school for your children, etc. You will find a list of relocation agencies in the online directory at

Tips for students

If you are a full time student, you can apply for student rental accommodation on the website of the University of Luxembourg Student Housing Unit. Student housing is conveniently located near the various campuses, in Walferdange, Luxembourg City, Mondercange, Esch-sur-Alzette and Noertzange. Most often, the student rents a furnished room in a residence or fitted-out house that he or she shares with other young people. Furnished and equipped studios are available only to doctoral students. Existing housing, which costs between EUR 350 and 590 per month, is allocated according to availability. However, waiting lists can be long.

For more information, please refer to 'Accommodation for students' on the Citizens' Portal.


Whether or not you are a student, flat-sharing can be an interesting alternative for those looking for a degree of conviviality and wishing to limit their accommodation costs. Visit websites such as, which allow you to advertise and look for advertisements for flat-sharing in Luxembourg! Please note that in some cases these advertisements may have to be paid for!

Look closely at prices

Before you embark on any house search, take a look at the website of the Housing Observatory (Observatoire de l’habitat). This body, which was established by the Ministry of Housing in 2003, collects data relating to the housing market and analyses the supply of housing and accommodation prices throughout the year.

Are you energy efficient?

While you are browsing the property listings, be sure to check the energy performance certificate of the different properties available. This mandatory document, that the owner must have drawn up by experts, gives interesting guidance concerning the energy performance of your future accommodation.

Your procedures, your rights

Visit the Citizens’ Portal at to find out about steps you should take regarding the renting of accommodation!

And in order to better understand your rights and obligations in terms of lease contracts, please refer to the special page made available by the Consumers’ Union (Union des consommateurs)!

  • Updated 29-09-2016