Major housing events

The housing market is a complex field concerning all citizens. This is why several major housing events are organised throughout the year in the Grand Duchy.

This provides an opportunity to pick up valuable tips for your project, whether you are trying to find an apartment to rent or to obtain a loan to purchase property or are planning to carry out renovations or energy efficiency improvements.

The experts await you at the following events:

The Housing Week

Organised by the Ministry of Housing in collaboration with Luxexpo, the National Housing Week (Semaine nationale du logement) gathers in one place all the players involved in housing: estate agents, architects, developers, builders, brokers, professional organisations, banks, insurance companies, public administrations. It takes place every year in late September.

The Spring Fair

Held annually in May, the Spring Fair brings together, for a week, exhibitors from a variety of fields, such as food and fashion, and also housing, in the broad sense of the term. Two specific areas of the Fair should be of interest those who are about to move into a new home, namely Mobigast, an area devoted to household arts and home management, and Floriva, focusing on gardens, verandas and swimming pools.

La Home and Living Expo

The Home and Living Expo (formerly the Autumn Fair) which takes place in October, is a large public exhibition devoted to investment property for all those who are planning to carry out building or renovation works, or simply are looking for inspiration. Typically, more than 350 exhibitors, experts in the fields of crafts, furnishings and decoration, construction and renovation, high-tech and services, rub shoulders with each other in an area of 34,000 square metres.

Urban Living.

The Urban Living exhibition is a local event, devoted solely to real estate in Differdange, the country’s third largest city. Over three days, developers, banks and construction companies rub shoulders with representatives of the municipality, who are in attendance to present their initiatives in the field of housing. Urban Living takes place every year in March.

  • Updated 08-11-2017