Finding affordable housing in Luxembourg is not always easy. There is no secret about that. But the phenomenon can be explained.

Thanks to a dynamic labour market, Luxembourg is a land of immigration par excellence, and has been since the late nineteenth century. Since the 1980s, the resident population has increased by about 160,000.

With 512,353 inhabitants at the reference date of 1 February 2011, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has exceeded, for the first time in a census, the threshold of half a million inhabitants. Over the years, this exceptional population growthhas left its traces on the real estate market in Luxembourg, which is under constant pressure.

In addition, there are new socio-demographic trends to take into consideration. Thus, more and more residents in this country live alone. 

The result is that housing demand is increasing: in both the rental and the sales markets, prices are on the rise, particularly in municipalities around the edge of the capital city, Luxembourg.

However, whilst the search for a home in Luxembourg can be a challenge, there is a whole series of simple tips and support measures that make it easier for all concerned. Have a look at our pages!

  • Updated 04-04-2018