Applying for an energy-efficiency improvement grant

Managed by the entity myenergy, the 'Klimabank an nohaltegt Wunnen' package (climate bank and sustainable housing) is designed to promote the construction of sustainable housing as well as the sustainable and energy-efficient renovation of residential buildings, and also to encourage sustainable energies in the housing sector.

The 'Klimabank' sets up the reduced rate climate loan and the zero rate climate loan, thus allowing the pre-funding of works with the objective of fostering sustainable renovation of housing (being older than 10 years). The new package also contains the financial aid schemes 'PRIMe House' - reformed in January 2017 -, which seek to support the stakeholders in the construction of sustainable housing, energy-efficient renovation, as well as highlighting sustainable energy sources. Finally, it also sets up a certification system for the durability of new housing developments (LENOZ = LEtzebuerger NOhaltegkeets-Zertifikat fir Wunngebaier).

In this context, a point of single contact for housing aid ('Guichet unique des aides relatives au logement') helps all those concerned find their way through the administrative procedures in the context of state housing aid.

  • Updated 13-08-2018