Getting housing assistance

State aid in the field of housing (aid for building, ecological aid, social assistance, etc.) is intended for all citizens. However, given the number of existing grants, it is wise to take professional advice regarding the criteria and conditions in force.

The Housing Assistance Department (Service des aides au logement) of the Ministry of Housing offers advice of this kind. In its two offices (in Luxembourg-Hollerich and Esch-sur-Alzette), this department brings together all the relevant information concerning state aid for housing and its staff willingly answer questions from interested parties: private individuals, associations, developers.

They offer information in the following areas:

  • individual housing grants, which are intended for individuals. These include, for example, the construction premium, aid for special facilities for the benefit of people with reduced mobility, and also help from the State to finance a tenant’s guarantee;
  • aid and information concerning an ecological approach to building and the achievement of high energy efficiency;
  • accommodation rented or sold (in accordance with social criteria) by the municipalities, the Housing Fund (Fonds du Logement) and the National Society for Affordable Housing (Société nationale des habitations à bon marché, SNHBM).

Under the heading 'Housing' the Citizens’ Portal, for its part, gives valuable information concerning State aid for housing.

  • Updated 27-04-2015