Applying for social housing

In Luxembourg, two public promoters in the social housing market specialise in the construction of affordable housing or housing at subsidised prices. Housing which is then sold or rented in accordance with social criteria. In addition, the Grand Duchy has a Social Housing Agency (Agence immobilière sociale).

Given the high demand for social housing, waiting lists can be very long. Here are the organisations to contact :

Housing fund

The Housing Fund (Fonds du logement), a public promoter, which sells housing, but also manages the country's largest supply of social housing for rent, comprising 1,703 units of accommodation located throughout Luxembourg.

National Society for affordable housing

The National Society for Affordable Housing (Société nationale des habitations à bon marché, SNHBM) specialises in finding and buying building plots, preparing private development plans, drawing up technical infrastructure plans, carrying out site development and the design and construction of housing. In addition, it manages a rental stock of some 170 houses and apartments. These properties are rented or sold to persons who meet certain criteria, relating in particular to income and wealth. 

Social Housing Agency

The Social Housing Agency (Agence immobilière sociale, AIS), which seeks to combat social exclusion, acts as an intermediary between owners of real estate and households with modest income. This body, which operates under the auspices of the Foundation for Access to Housing (Fondation de l’accès au logement), rents out accommodation suitable for the applicant’s household and then pays the rent to the owner of the property. However, every application for accommodation through the AIS must go through a welfare office, since its services are subject to a number of conditions.

Welfare offices        

In fact, the provision of emergency accommodation in cases of material deprivation is among the benefits offered by the thirty welfare offices in the Grand Duchy. The municipal or regional welfare offices work together closely with the Social Housing Agency.

Here is a list of Luxembourg's welfare offices on the website of the Ministry of Family Affairs.
  • Updated 22-03-2018