The outstanding feature of society in the Grand Duchy is its multiculturality. Almost 45% of the population of the Grand Duchy are not Luxembourg nationals. In total, the country now counts more than 170 different nationalities.

This situation is reflected in the labour market, which is marked by a large-scale influx of French, Belgian and German cross-border workers.

The education system in the Grand Duchy is completely plurilingual, as are other areas of everyday life. In addition to State-run schools, there is also a wide range of private and international schools.

What you also need to know: the cost of living is relatively high in the Grand Duchy in comparison with the average for the European Union. Housing, food and clothing — the cost soon adds up.

Thousands of newcomers move to the Grand Duchy every year, mainly because of the particularly high level of the quality of life in the country.

The Grand Duchy has very effective health and social security systems and pay is high, as is the level of security.

International studies regularly confirm that people living in the Grand Duchy are aware of the advantages at their disposal, and even that they are some of the happiest people in Europe.

  • Updated 04-04-2018