Motherhood and birth

Since 2012, the number of births in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has constantly been in excess of 6.000 a year. From a statistical point of view, the number of children per woman is 1,47 (figure for 2015). The number of boys born balances with the number of girls. Whereas a child born to unmarried parents was unusual in the 1990s, in 2012 the number of such births was almost as high as the number of children born to married parents. This is due to changes in Luxembourg society, and to the introduction of the civil union (PACS) in 2004.

Pregnancy and motherhood

The health portal at provides detailed information on the various stages, from wanting to have a child and the first signs of pregnancy up to birth and beyond. It gives advice on looking after a baby and on breastfeeding. It provides useful information on administrative procedures, allowances connected with motherhood and birth, and the various bodies and associations active in this field.

Administrative procedures when a child is born

All births must be declared within five days of the birth by one of the parents, or by the doctors, midwives or anyone else present at the birth. The declaration of birth is made to the registrar of the municipality where the birth took place.

You will find details of the procedure for 'Declaring a new birth' on the Citizens' portal. You can also find out about the possible reimbursements on the health portal at

The child's family name

Since 2006, parents in the Grand Duchy are free to choose the family name (and first names) of their child. Thus the baby may have:

  • the father's family name;
  • the mother's family name;
  • both the father's and the mother's family names;
  • both the mother's and the father's family names,

regardless of whether the parents are married or not. However, all the children of a couple must have the same family name. The parents must choose the child's first name and family name at the time of declaring a new birth to the registrar of the municipality in which the baby was born.

Please consult the information on 'Choosing a child's first name and family name' on the Citizens' portal.
  • Updated 19-12-2017