The reception of young children in a nursery is no longer solely for the purpose of "keeping" the childin a structure to allow parents to better reconcile family and professional life. By entrusting their child to a non-formal education service, families have the right to expect quality supervision that meets the needs of the child, offering him or her varied experience and learning opportunities that promote its development and social integration. To ensure quality care for all children, a pedagogical quality  system has been set up in all crèches as of September 2016.

A quality framework for all children

To support young children in their language development and prepare them for the context of Luxembourg society and school, a multilingual educational program for children from 1 to 4 years has been introduced in nurseries from September 2017 onwards.

The number of children attending a nursery has grown steadily in recent years. The expectations regarding the quality of the reception offered in these structures have also evolved.The development of the quality of education and reception structures, thus also nurseries, is one of the flagship initiatives of the government program.

  • Updated 20-11-2017