A hundred years ago, most households in the Grand Duchy were multi-generational: grandparents, children and grandchildren lived together under the same roof.

Nowadays, this is the exception. The standard family household these days comprises two adults and two dependent children.

As Luxembourg society has changed, other phenomena have appeared: more and more couples choose to live together on an informal basis or to enter into a civil union ('PACS') rather than opting for traditional marriage. And an increasing number of families with children are single-parent families (10%); most single parents are women.

Combining work and family responsibilities is a substantial everyday challenge for families in the Grand Duchy. State aid in the form of help with childcare, parental leave, and family benefits are therefore all welcome.

This section will guide you in your everyday choices relating to the family, from the start of the life cycle (motherhood and birth) through to its end.

  • Updated 04-04-2018