Mullerthal, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland

Rock formations, waterfalls and caves ...

Located in the east of the Grand Duchy, the Mullerthal, also called Luxembourg's Little Switzerland because of its numerous rocky hills, impresses with beautiful forests and towering sandstone cliffs with sometimes surprising shapes, among which wind forgotten brooks.

... invite to hiking and climbing

No wonder that this landscape makes this region a paradise for hikers! The pedestrian footpaths are particularly well developed and allow to immerse even more in these sometimes spectacular natural surroundings. Many bike paths allow visitors to explore the region and the unique rocky landscape around Berdorf awaits climbing adepts.

Land of chivalrous epics ...

But the Mullerthal is more than preserved nature . The region is a land of chivalrous epics evidenced by its numerous castles. Among them, the castles of Larochette and Beaufort, both erected on hilltops, are outstanding historical sites.

It is also in this region that we find traces of our ancestors from more than 7,000 years ago. It is indeed under a rock shelter that the burial site of the oldest inhabitant of Luxembourg was discovered in 1935.

... and centre of the Roman and Medieval culture

The capital of the region is Echternach, one of the oldest cities of Luxembourg, which attracted the ancient Romans as well as the monks in the Middle Ages. Located on the banks of the Sûre, on the border with Germany, Echternach is one of the highlights of every visit to the region and the country.

Hopping Procession and international music festival

Renowned beyond its borders for its Hopping Procession on Whit Tuesday, the town of Echternach is also known for its ancient Benedictine abbey founded in the 7th century AD by Saint Willibrordus. With the tomb of Saint Willibrordus, the Basilica of Saint Willibrordus is one of the country's most important religious buildings. In 2010, the Hopping Procession of Echternach was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Bustling city, Echternach is famous for its Echternach International Festival, a music festival which takes place each year during the months of May and June, and attracts many music lovers from Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

  • Updated 26-07-2018