Sport and well-being

The Grand Duchy is a country that moves. Walking, cycling, running and swimming are probably the sports most frequently practised by people living in the Grand Duchy. And quite rightly!

The Grand Duchy provides a wonderful combination of physical activity and enjoying nature. Currently, the Grand Duchy — in an area of 2 586km2 — sports nearly 2,500km of marked walking paths, some 900km of cycle tracks (for regular and mountain bikes), six golf courses, a considerable number of sandstone cliff faces for climbing, five tree-level rope courses, and numerous fishing locations. So there's plenty to do!

Are you more of a quiet person, looking for calm? Would you like to offer yourself a day of calm and relaxation? Take advantage of one of the many relaxation and wellness retreats throughout the Grand Duchy! You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the service and the quality that is waiting for you.

  • Updated 28-04-2015