Parks and gardens

The capital

In Luxembourg City, not less than a quarter of the city's territory is taken up by green areas.

Edouard André Municipal Park

The Municipal Park, an English park laid out by landscape engineer Edouard André on the old fortified grounds at the so-called 'Plains Front' is a real island of green in the heart of the city. Green spaces such as the Kinnékswiss in the city centre are the ideal place to recharge your batteries. For more information:

Parks in the Petrusse valley

Created in the spirit of Romanticism, the parks of the Petrusse valley unite a topography marked by ravines, bizarre rock formations, ruins of fortresses and bastions, all set together in perfect harmony.

Arboretum at Luxembourg-Kirchberg

A green belt of tree-lined boulevards, parks and semi-public gardens was created on the Kirchberg Plateau, when the urbanbist concept of the borough was reorganised by the landscape architect Peter Latz. An arboretum reunites tree and rock specimen from the various member states of the European Union; it contributes towards the creation of a variety of public spaces waiting to be discovered.

Merl-Belair Park

Merl-Belair Park, just a stone’s throw from the city centre, is without any doubt a favourite meeting place for families with children. The little ones are drawn to a fascinating play area while adults can recharge their batteries in the meadows on the edges of small lakes or ponds.

Walkway of the Roses

In Limpertsberg, which used to be a garden district famed for its rose fields, a thematical walkway, called the 'Walkway of the Roses' has been created. It leads visitors through the landscape and architectural heritage of this district. The Tony Neuman Park, also located in Limpertsberg, boasts a collection of sculptures some of which were created by renowned Luxembourgish sculptors. For more informations, get in touch with the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

In the East of the country

The gardens of Echternach Abbey

The municipal park, with the gardens of the Echternach Abbey, which were laid out in the 18th century, lies on the bank of the Sûre river and invites to leisurly walks and sports.

Thermal Park of Mondorf-les-Bains

Conceived by the landscaping engineer Edouard André in the 19th century and located next to the Thermal Domain of Mondorf-les-Bains, this park is also an open-air gallery for sculptures.

Butterfly Garden

In Grevenmacher, children can visit the Butterfly Garden. Floating through air between exotic plants, inside a vast greenhouse, butterflies of splendid colours are a magnet for many visitors who wish to combine nature and discovery.

In the West of the country

French Gardens of the Ansembourg Castle

In the country's west, the French terraced gardens of the New Ansembourg Castle, located in the Valley of the Seven Castles, are definitely worth a detour. Originally made up of botanical collections, exotic plants and many kinds of fruit-bearing trees, these gardens were known far beyond the borders of the country.

Colpach Park

Colpach Park, laid out in 1916 around Colpach castle, is home to sculptures from many different 19th century artists, like Maillol, Despiau, Bourdelle and Kolbe. Originally, the park was conceived as the private park of Luxembourg steel baron Emile Mayrisch.

In the North of the country

Stone Sculpture Itinerary

The stone sculptures itineraries in the Upper Sûre Nature Park in the Ardennes are the result of two international symposia on sculpture and stone, organised in 1995-1996 and 1999.

Herb garden in Winseler

The herb garden in Winseler exhibits about 300 different varieties of plants.

Gardens of Wiltz

The fields of stone in the gardens of Wiltz are a living work of contemporary art on a little over 6 acres (2.5 hectares), established together by people with disabilities, jobless people, craftsmen and artists.

In the South of the country.

The 'Parc Merveilleux' in Bettembourg

For the children, the Parc Merveilleux Bettembourg is not only a giant playground but also a zoo with exotic animals and a theme park, where the young and the not so young can enter the world of fairies and tales.

Galgenberg Park at Esch-sur-Alzette

The Galgenberg park is an English garden with an artifical waterfall, a wildlife enclosure, rosaries, contemporary sculptures and a corniche with a view over Esch-sur-Alzette.

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