Biodiversum - Haff Réimech


The Biodiversum Nature and Forest Centre is located on the edge of the "Haff Réimech" natural reserve. It is home to interactive exhibitions covering two floors in a building boasting remarkable architecture. The themes are related to biodiversity, bird and nature protection as well as the historical and geological evolution of the natural reserve and its region. The centre also offers guided tours and activities for groups and school classes, while it can throw birthday parties for children.

The Biodiversum is not a museum per se. Its role is to bridge the gap between visitors and the natural environment of the region and guide them on this journey of discovery.

The nature centre is the starting point of the discovery trail that takes visitors around the ponds of the "Haff Réimech" reserve. The trails lead visitors to the very heart of this protected area, where they can observe the wealth of the avifauna from several observation cabins.

Over 1,200 square metres and three floors, the Biodiversum's exhibition hall offers many explanatory panels, exhibitions and scale models, as well as around twenty interactive stations and games for children and grownups alike on the following topics: human beings, nature and sustainable development. There, you can learn about the historical development of the Moselle Valley, biodiversity and nature protection, as well as of that of ornithology and the ponds in Remich.

Great crested greb

The great crested greb is a water bird species. It is the mascot of the Biodiversum centre. Ponds of the "Haff Réimech" natural reserve offer perfect conditions for the greb, with its reeds and large water areas.

Since 1975, this beautiful bird of the Podicipedidae family can be observed all year round at the Haff Réimech, where it breeds every year.  

The greb builds its floating nest on the edge of reeds. The parents carry the chicks on their back in the first weeks.

Three questions for ...

Juliana Reichert, Head of the Biodiversum Nature and Forest Centre

1. What can visitors expect in your museum?

Visitors can expect a futuristic wooden building and a varied and diverse exhibition, which has been awarded the Luxembourg Design Award for its visual design. The characteristics of the Moselle Valley are a major focus, just as sustainability and the protection of nature. The exhibition gives a taste of the "Haff Réimech" natural reserve and bird sanctuary. The nature protection centre also offers a wide range of educational activities as well as guided hiking trails.

2. What message do you want to give through your museum?

The Biodiversum is the threshold of the "Haff Réimech" natural reserve, so to speak. We have a big responsibility with such an important international protected area. We need to raise the awareness of visitors regarding sustainability, the protection of nature and biodiversity, taking into account children and adults in what we offer.

3. What makes your museum different from other museums?

The Biodiversum's unique architecture and its location in the "Haff Réimech" pond, surrounded by water, reeds and trees. The building looks like a human being that blends in perfectly with the landscape. There is no other place or museum from which you can observe birds such as great crested grebs, little bitterns and common terns. 

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  • Updated 29-06-2018