Cultural events and festivals throughout the year


Grape and wine festivals

In September and October each year, many wine and grape festivals are organised in the Moselle area.

Different localities along the Moselle offer folk parades, the election of a wine queen, and of course tastings of Luxembourg wines.

Don't forget to taste the Fiederwäissen, the first wine of the season traditionally presented ten days after the beginning of the wine harvest.

Only available for about two weeks, this young wine, a blend of pressed Rivaner and Auxerrois grapes, gives the public a taste of the products of the new year.

The short period of fermentation makes this drink very fruity, with a touch of acidity that contributes to its refreshing effect.

Fathers' Day

Fathers' Day is celebrated in the Grand Duchy on the first Sunday of October each year.

The date of Fathers' Day varies from one country to the next: On 19 March in Italy, Portugal and Spain, the second Sunday in May in the United Kingdom, Ascension Day in Germany, Austria and Denmark, the second Sunday in June in Belgium, and the third Sunday in June in France.

In the Grand Duchy it is on the first Sunday in October, while Mothers' Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in June.

Walnut market

On the second Sunday in October each year, the Veiner Nëssmoort (Vianden walnut market) puts on display many specialities prepared with walnuts: cakes, bread, cheese, creams, liqueurs and 'Nëssdrëpp' (walnut schnapps), known for its beneficial effects on the digestion.

The first Nëssmoort was organised in 1935. Since 1952, it now takes place every year.

More than just a market, the Nëssmoort is above all a place for festivities. Today, this is the best-known event that takes place in this small medieval town.

Heritage Days

In September or October each year, Heritage Days (Journées du Patrimoine) allow the general public to visit for free a large number of monuments and buildings that are often inaccessible under normal circumstances (castles, churches, monasteries, private houses, etc.).

Organised since 1991 on the initiative of the Council of Europe in about fifty countries, the purpose of Heritage Days is to highlight the unity and diversity of the common cultural heritage of Europe.

Besides admittance to various monuments, there is also a very rich programme of walks, guided tours, lectures and exhibitions.

Luxembourg Festival

In October and November, the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg organise the Luxembourg Festival, and together they present an artistic programme of exceptional quality.

Since 2007, the Luxembourg Festival has offered outstanding productions as a result of extensive international cooperation.

The festival presents about thirty major international productions each year, in areas as diverse as opera, dance, theatre, orchestra, jazz and world music.

Echternach & Clearstream International Jazz Days

Since 1975, Luxembourg has been hosting the Festival international Echternach every year between March and December; this is a festival of classical and jazz music featuring top international artistes.

The 'Echternach & Clearstream International Jazz Days' jazz festival has been organised since 2008 alongside the more conventional Echternach International Festival of classical music. The Jazz Days are spread over a number of months, from September to December, and take place in the medieval town of Echternach.

Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival

During the second weekend of October each year, the Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival at the Neimënster — Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre (CCRN) brings together jazz legends from various backgrounds. Organised by the association Jazz in Luxembourg (JAIL), the festival lasts three days.

'Stories Without Frontiers' festival

For several days each year, the Neimënster — Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center in Luxembourg City is devoted to storytelling from all over the world and for young and old, with its 'Stories Without Frontiers' annual festival. Audiences are invited to travel from adventure stories to stories of bygone days, humour, the shivers of ghost stories, erotic tales ... and from one language to another: German, French, English and Luxembourgish.

For more information, consult the website at

'Touch of Noir' festival

'Touch of Noir', created in 2008, is a new type of themed festival, focusing on crime dramas and novels ('films noirs' and 'romans noirs' in French). Live concerts of all kinds, screenings of classic and contemporary 'films noirs', and new cinema concerts are held each year at the opderschmelz cultural centre in Dudelange.

Photomeetings Luxembourg

The Photomeetings festival, which has been held in September and October each year since 2005, revolves around the art of photography. Many internationally renowned photographers attend the Luxembourg event, sharing their passion for photography by taking part in practical workshops and lecturing as well as exhibiting at a number of art galleries in Luxembourg City.

For more information, visit the website.

'Cineast' film festival

The Cineast festival, founded in 2008, is directed at cinema enthusiasts with a particular interest in central and eastern European cultures. The festival is surprisingly eclectic, with an official competition, a comedy section, a programme showcasing successful western European and American producers, with documentaries, short films, and special screenings. On the fringe of the festival, there are concerts, debates and culinary evenings. The festival, which lasts for more than two weeks, is held in the country's main cinema theatres.

'Cinéma du Sud' film festival

The Cinéma du Sud festival, which started in 2010, is a development education project organised by a group of Luxembourgish NGOs to increase awareness among the general public of important issues related to development through cinema, a medium that is accessible to all. The festival has a different theme each year. It screens a film at the Utopia cinema theatre every Thursday from mid-October to mid-December. Each screening is followed by a debate, with expert speakers on the subject addressed in the film.

British and Irish Film Season

The British and Irish Film Season lasts two weeks at the end of September and the beginning of October. The season has been held since 2010; its aim is to show films of all genres from the British Isles that have not yet been screened in the Grand Duchy. The films are shown in the country's main cinema theatres.

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