Cultural events and festivals throughout the year


Summer in the City

Every year from June to September, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office organises the 'Summer in the City' festivities campaign held on the territory of Luxembourg City.

During three months, outdoor concerts, music festivals, street art events, outdoor screenings, markets, festivals, exhibitions and folk events will animate the city for the delight of locals and tourists alike.

The major event in September is the 'Schueberfouer' (see below).


Late August, around Saint-Barthélemy (23 August), marks the beginning of the traditional 'Schueberfouer' in Luxembourg City.

Founded in the 14th century as a market fair, the 'Schueberfouer' has become over time an amusement park complete with funfair rides (roller coasters, haunted houses, ferris wheels, ...), small merchants stalls and many food stands.

Today, the 'Schueberfouer' is the largest funfair in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and attracts around 2 million visitors every year.

Grape and Wine Festivals

Every year in the September and October, many wine and grape festivals are organised in the Moselle region.

Different localities along the Moselle offer folk processions, election of the wine queen and of course tastings of Luxembourg wines.

Do not forget to taste the 'Fiederwäissen', the first wine of the season traditionally presented ten days after the beginning of the harvest.

Only available for about two weeks, this young wine, a blend of pressed Rivaner and Auxerrois grapes, gives the public a taste of the products of the new year.

The short period of fermentation makes this drink very fruity, with a touch of acidity that contributes to its refreshing effect.

Festival international Echternach

Since 1975, Luxembourg has been hosting the Festival international Echternach every year between March and December, a festival of classical and jazz music of international renown.

The festival features well-known artists, as well as promising talents or winners of national and international competitions.

The festival programme ranges from medieval music to world music, via classical music and jazz.

Every year, it transforms the small medieval town of Echternach into a mecca of music.

Journées du patrimoine

Each year, during the months of September or October, the Journées du patrimoine (Heritage Days) allow the general public to visit monuments and buildings often inaccessible in normal times (castles, churches, monasteries, private houses, ...) for free.

Organised since 1991 at the initiative of the Council of Europe in fifty countries, the Heritage Days are intended to highlight the unity and diversity of the common cultural heritage of Europe.

Besides the open doors part of the event, a very rich programme offers rides, guided tours, lectures and exhibitions.

Photomeetings Luxembourg

The Photomeetings, which have been organised since 2005, are an annual festival revolving around the art of photography, taking place during September and October. Many internationally renowned photographers attend the Luxembourg event, in order to let the public partake in their passion for photography, through practical workshops, conferences, but also in many art galleries in Luxembourg City.

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British and Irish Film Season

The British and Irish Film Season lasts two weeks at the end of September and the beginning of October. The season has been held since 2010; its aim is to show films of all genres from the British Isles that have not yet been screened in the Grand Duchy. The films are shown in the country's main cinema theatres.

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