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Every Whit Monday, the city of Wiltz, in the north of the country, organises its traditional Gënzefest (broom festival).

Celebrated since 1949 in the Ardennes town, the Gënzefest honours broom, a yellow-flowered shrub particularly abundant on the hills of the Oesling region at this time of the year, which literally bathes the landscape in a golden yellow every year.

The Gënzefest is organised by the association 'Les Amis de la féerie du genêt de Wiltz'; it is best known for its impressive flower parade featuring broom: more than forty floats, all decorated with broom, together with music and folk groups from the Grand Duchy and further afield, parade through the streets of the town.

The Hopping Procession of Echternach

Every Whit Tuesday, the 'Echternach Sprangprëssessioun' (the Hopping Procession of Echternach) takes place in Echternach.

The procession in honour of St Willibrord is known for its dance, which involves hopping two steps to the left and two steps to the right.

The dancers, lined up in rows of five or six people abreast, hold each other by the end of their handkerchiefs and hop to the sounds of the catchy and singular tune of the procession; their route takes them past St Willibrordus, at rest in the crypt of the Basilica in Echternach.

This medieval religious tradition, known well beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy, was included on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.

Mothers' Day

'Mammendag' (Mothers' Day) is celebrated each year in the Grand Duchy on the second Sunday in June.

The date of Mother's Day varies from country to country, but most countries celebrate it in May. In the Grand Duchy, the festival has been celebrated since the early 20th century.

Wiltz Festival

Every year in June sees the start of the Wiltz Festival, a European outdoor festival of music and theatre of international renown.

Every year since 1953, the festival has featured performances of theatre, dance and opera, as well as concerts of classical music and jazz, staged against the backdrop of Wiltz Castle.

Since its inception, the festival has been able to showcase some of the greatest artistes of our time, including Dee Dee Bridgewater, Maurice Béjart, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, David Garrett, Herbie Hancock and Mstislav Rostropovich.

Summer in the City

Every year from June to September, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office organises the 'Summer in the City' festivities held in Luxembourg City.

Over a three-month period, outdoor concerts, music festivals, street art events, outdoor screenings, markets, festivals, exhibitions and folk events bring the city to life, to the delight of locals and tourists alike.

The major events in June are the 'Fête de la Musique' (Music Festival) and the National Day (see below).

Echternach International Festival

Since 1975, Luxembourg has been hosting the Festival international Echternach every year between March and December, a festival of classical and jazz music of international renown.

The festival features well-known artistes, as well as promising talents or winners of national and international competitions.

The festival programme ranges from medieval music to world music, via classical music and jazz.

Every year, it transforms the small medieval town of Echternach into a mecca of music.

Festival of industrial culture and innovation

The Festival of industrial culture and innovation, which was first held in 2014, takes place from May until July with the participation of 25 cultural and economic stakeholders from the Land of the Red Rocks and under the leadership of the Fondation Bassin Minier. The programme is impressively diverse: films, plays, exhibitions, visits and walks, as well as lectures, round-table discussions and workshops. The theme of the festival is always very broadly the working class and industrial culture in the Grand Duchy.

For more information visit the website at

Fundamental Monodrama Festival

During one week in June each year, the Fundamental Monodrama Festival showcases monodrama — a performance with a single artiste on stage — at the Banannefabrik in Luxembourg-Hollerich. New since 2013: children from the age of 5 years upwards have their own 'Minimono' festival, which lasts three days and is held at the Kulturhaus in Niederanven.

International Professional Skills Days in Bourglinster

On the third weekend of June each year, more than 100 artisans and craftsmen present their skills in Bourglinster at the International Professional Skills Days, with demonstrations at the castle and in the streets.

Fête de la musique

21 June is the date each year of the 'Fête de la Musique' (Music Festival), which offers more than 200 free concerts throughout the country.

The 'Fête de la Musique' was celebrated for the first time in 1981, in France; the Grand Duchy joined the movement in 2000, and the event currently attracts around 35,000 spectators every year.

National Day (Fête Nationale)

Since 1961, the Luxembourg National Day has been celebrated on June 23 each year.

Each year, tens of thousands of Luxembourgers, foreign residents and tourists gather on June 23, as well as on June 22 (eve of the National Day) to celebrate together.

While June 23 is usually reserved for ceremonial events such as the Te Deum in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Luxembourg City, the military parade and the 101-gun salute, the eve of National Day on June 22 is celebrated every year with a huge festival, with a 'Fakelzuch' (torchlight parade), fireworks, and countless balls and concerts.

Open Air Art Festival

Since its creation in 1991, the open air art festival ('Open Air Konstfestival') has become an annual event in Lellingen on 23 June, the Grand Duchy's National Day. This small village in the Luxembourg Ardennes is transformed into a lively open-air art gallery. The festival attracts more than 4,500 visitors each year, from the Grand Duchy and further afield. With artists creating works on the spot, musicians, workshops for children and varied entertainments, the day is usually full of surprises.

Flamencofestival Esch

Since 2006, the Flamenco festival in Esch invites headliners in the world of flamenco to perform, displaying the many and surprising facets of flamenco over a one-week period in June, at Esch Theatre and at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette. For more information:

Festival Rock-A-Field

This open-air music festival has been organised by Den Atelier in June every year since 2005; it takes place near the village of Roeser, in the southern part of the country, in an exceptional natural setting. Staged over three days, the festival features national musicians as well as bands with an international reputation.

Architecture Festival

The Foundation of Architecture and Engineering organises the annual Architecture Festival, which takes place over four weeks in June and July with a specific theme. You can take part in lectures, debates, guided tours, workshops, open days, etc. on the theme of architecture. For more information, visit


'AfrikaFestival Esch' is a three-day festival entirely devoted to African cultures. Organised by the Kulturfabrik cultural centre in Esch-sur-Alzette, the festival offers a showcase for the various African cultures through dance, music, discovery workshops and exhibitions. For more information, visit

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