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On Easter Monday the traditional 'Éimaischen' (Feast of Emmaus) takes place. It is a folk festival celebrated in the old quarter of Luxembourg City (Place du Marché-aux-Poissons and surrounding area) and in the village of Nospelt.

The Éimaischen is best known for its Péckvillchercher, a sort of terracotta birds, typically Luxembourgish objects, which imitate the cuckoo's calling when you blow into them.

The festival offers, alongside Péckvillercher and demonstrations by potters, many stalls of sweets (nougat, roasted almonds and hazelnuts) and tents, where you can eat, drink and socialise.

Festival international Echternach

Since 1975, Luxembourg has been hosting the Festival international Echternach every year between March and December, a festival of classical and jazz music of international renown.

The festival features well-known artists, as well as promising talents or winners of national and international competitions.

The festival programme ranges from medieval music to world music, via classical music and jazz.

Every year during the festival, the small medieval town of Echternach is all about music.

Printemps musical

Since 1982, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) has been organising every year from March to May the Printemps musical — Festival de Luxembourg.

This festival of world music and jazz offers a mix of prestigious celebrities and groundbreaking discoveries in the best concert halls in the capital.

All concerts showcase an openness and incredible mix of music styles.

In 30 years of existence, the festival has become somewhat of an evergreen that deeply marks the cultural life of the capital of the Grand Duchy.


Zeltik Festival is a festival of Celtic music staged in Dudelange in the south of the Grand Duchy. Launched in 1998, it stages a range of concerts over a weekend in April. It consists of the Celtic Prelude and Celtic Celebration. In recent years, the biggest stars of Celtic music, such as Carlos Núñez, Capercaillie, the Waterboys or The Levellers have performed here.

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De klenge Maarnicher Festival

Founded in 1987, 'De Klenge Maarnicher Festival' (Small Marnach Festival) is a classical music festival which takes place annually during the months of March and April in different localities of the Luxembourg Ardennes. The aim is to contribute to a high-quality decentralised cultural offer.

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Musek am Syrdall

Founded in 1987, 'Musek am Syrdall' (music in the Syr valley) is a classical music festival held from March to May each year in the various municipalities in the Syr valley in the eastern part of the Grand Duchy. The aim is to contribute to a high-quality decentralised cultural offer. The festival invites Luxembourgish and international musicians.

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Printemps des poètes Luxembourg

Launched in 1999 in France by Jack Lang, the Spring of Poets (Printemps des poètes Luxembourg) has been celebrated in Luxembourg since 2007. The event, aimed at promoting poetry, offers three days of lectures, meetings with domestic and foreign poets, concerts and exhibitions at Neimënster — Neumünster Abbey Cultural and Meeting Centre (Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster), the Kulturfabrik and the Simoncini Gallery.

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During the book and copyrights days, the town of Bettembourg organises its LiteraTour festival, which is entirely devoted to books and literature. Whether young or old, there will be something for every book worm during these three days. Countless lectures by Luxembourgish and foreign writers, creative writing workshops, slams, etc. The LiteraTour festival is a whole weekend dedicated to words in a perfectly local setting. Indeed, some of the events take place at Bettembourg castle and its park, at the Le Paris cinema and at the 'Parc merveilleux'.

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European Month of Photography

Since 2006, Luxembourg City has been one of the seven European capitals (the others are Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Ljubljana) that organise the 'European Month of Photography' festival every other year.

The festival takes place in April and May, with the help of around twenty partners, such as museums, art galleries, and financial institutions. The aim of the festival is to promote European photography, whether established or emerging. The European Month of Photography Arendt Award was awarded for the first time in 2013. In Luxembourg, the European Month of Photography is organised by the association 'Café-Crème'.

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Festival Out Of The Crowd

Every year since 2004, the 'Schalltot' Collective has organised a festival of contemporary independent music in the Kulturfabrik, a cultural centre located in the buildings of a former slaughterhouse in Esch-sur-Alzette.

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