Cultural events and festivals throughout the year


Luxembourg City Film Festival

Launched in 2011, the Luxembourg City Film Festival is the reference event for movies in Luxembourg. As a festival designed for the general public, Discovery Zone aims at feeding the curiosity of everyone, of children and adults alike, by programming local as well as international films, selected among contemporary productions or among cinematographic heritage.

Besides its role in the discovery of new productions, the festival chooses to be different through an original programme, to promote the creation of Luxembourgish productions, and to provide a specific section for young audiences, children and adolescents. The festival awards the Grand Prix and the Critics' Prize.

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Festival international Echternach

Since 1975, Luxembourg has been hosting the Festival International Echternach every year between March and December, a festival of classical and jazz music of international renown.

The festival features well-known artists, as well as promising talents or winners of national and international competitions.

The festival programme ranges from medieval music to world music, via classical music and jazz.

Every year, it transforms the small medieval town of Echternach into a mecca of music.

Printemps musical

Since 1982, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) has been organising every year from March to May the Printemps musical — Festival de Luxembourg.

This festival of world music and jazz offers a mix of prestigious celebrities and groundbreaking discoveries in the best concert halls in the Grand Duchy's capital.

All concerts make proof of an openness towards and an incredible mix of music styles.

Established in 1982, the festival has become somewhat of an evergreen that deeply marks the cultural life of the capital of the Grand Duchy.

Invitation aux musées

On the last weekend of March, the group 'd’stater muséeën' (museums of Luxembourg City) organises an open doors weekend in forty museums in the country, which open their doors to offer tours, workshops, performances, meetings with artists, lectures, concerts, tastings and entertainment for children.

Free shuttles are available to further accentuate the walk and discover-feature.

Admission to the museums is free.

Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté

Organised since 1982 by the Liaison Committee of associations for foreigners (Comité de liaison des associations d'étrangers, CLAE), the Festival of Migration, Culture and Citizenship celebrates the multicultural aspect of Luxembourg's society and aims to strengthen links between the foreign communities, provide information and encourage the debate on the role of immigration and social cohesion in Luxembourg.

The public has the opportunity to experience different cultures through debates, roundtables and nearly 300 booths, as well as culinary specialties, exhibitions, concerts, shows and entertainment for children.

The very popular 'Salon du livre et des cultures' (fair of books and cultures), organised since 1990, is also part of the festival.

The festival spans a weekend at Luxexpo in Luxembourg City. For more information:

Festival Humour pour la paix

Established in 2007, the Humor for Peace Festival (Festival Humour pour la paix) is dedicated to the Iraqi comedian Walid Hassan, assassinated in 2006. It is organised by the Neumünster Abbey Cultural and Meeting Centre (Neimënster — Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, CCRN) and showcases, over a week, international comedians including an evening specially dedicated to Luxembourg humour.

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De klenge Maarnicher Festival

Founded in 1987, 'De Klenge Maarnicher Festival' (Small Marnach Festival) is a classical music festival which takes place annually during the months of March and April in different localities of the Luxembourg Ardennes. The aim is to contribute to a high-quality decentralised cultural offer. The festival invites Luxembourgish and international musicians.

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Musek am Syrdall

Founded in 1987, 'Musek am Syrdall' (music in the Syr valley) is a classical music festival held from March to May each year in the various municipalities in the Syr valley in the eastern part of the Grand Duchy. The aim is to contribute to a high-quality decentralised cultural offer. The festival invites Luxembourgish and international musicians.

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Baroque music festival 'B-days'

The Centre des arts pluriels d'Ettelbruck and the Conservatoire de musique du nord organise 'B-days', the biennial regional Baroque music festival. Concerts are held either at the plural arts centre in Ettelbruck or in cultural infrastructures in the surrounding area.

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