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Luxembourgers love to celebrate Carnival, which traditionally takes place from 2 February ('Liichtmëssdag' or Candlemas Day) through to Ash Wednesday ('Aschermëttwoch', in early March).

During those five weeks, including the 'Fuessonnden' (Carnival Sunday) and 'Fuesméinden' (Carnival Monday), a multitude of masked balls, parades and cavalcades are organized for children and adults.

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On the first Sunday after Carnival, the 'Buergen' (torches) are lit across the Grand Duchy to chase away the winter.

The blaze symbolises the rebirth of spring and the end of winter, the triumph of warm over cold, of light over darkness.

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Jazz Festival 'Piano plus'

Launched in 2008, the jazz festival 'Piano plus' takes place every two years at the Neumünster Abbey Cultural and Meeting Centre in Luxembourg City. It pairs virtuoso jazz pianists with other talented musicians. The festival is produced jointly by Jazz in Luxembourg (JAIL) and the Neimënster — Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre.

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Baroque music festival 'B-days'

The Centre des arts pluriels d'Ettelbruck and the Conservatoire de musique du nord organise 'B-days', the biennial regional Baroque music festival. Concerts are held either at the plural arts centre in Ettelbruck or in cultural infrastructures in the surrounding area.

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Luxembourg City Film Festival

Launched in 2011, the Luxembourg City Film Festival, is the reference event for movies in Luxembourg. As a festival designed for the general public, the Luxembourg City Film Festival aims at feeding the curiosity of everyone, of children and adults alike, by programming local as well as international films, selected among contemporary productions or among cinematographic heritage.

Besides its role in the discovery of new productions, the festival chooses to be different through an original programme, to promote the creation of Luxembourgish productions, and to provide a specific section for young audiences, children and adolescents. The festival awards the Grand Prix and the Critics' Prize.

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