Cultural festivals

The Grand Duchy is happy to be able to host a vast number of cultural festivals of all kinds each year, in the fields of theatre, dance, music, the cinema and literature.

Classical music, theatre, dance

One of the most famous music festivals is the Echternach International Festival (from May to December each year), an international festival featuring classical music and jazz, easily equal to some of the greatest events of its kind in Europe.

The multidisciplinary Wiltz Festival in June and July and the Luxembourg Festival in October and November are two more highlights in the cultural calendar.

With Wiltz Castle as its backdrop, the Wiltz Festival, an open-air European festival of music and theatre, offers summer evenings with events in the fields of theatre, opera, dance, classical music and jazz.

The Luxembourg Festival offers about thirty major international productions in areas as diverse as opera, dance, theatre, orchestral music, jazz and world music at the Luxembourg Philharmonie and at the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg City.

Amplified music

During the summer, many open air music festivals are held across the country. Rock-A-Field is without a doubt the highlight of the Grand Duchy's festival season, particularly for pop-rock.

Throughout the year, Luxembourg City organises a number of cultural festivals such as the Printemps Musical (classical music, jazz), the world music festival MeYouZik, the traditional rock festival Rock um Knuedler (July) and Live at Vauban (October-November), with a repertoire of rock, pop, blues and jazz.


The main cinema theatres regularly organise themed seasons, such as the Catalan cinema season and the gay and lesbian film festival. Luxembourg City has its own international cinema festival, entitled Luxembourg City Film Festival, a general festival which aims to arouse the curiosity of cinemagoers of all ages.


In the field of literature, events which attract a wide public include the 'Walfer Bicherdeeg' (Walferdange Book Days), organised by the Walferdange municipal authorities and held in November each year, and the International Festival of the Comic Strip in Contern.


Initiated by TROIS C-L in 2015, 'Les Émergences' is intended as a festival to increase the visibility of contemporary choreography. Young choreographers are able to perform and present their work to a wide audience.

  • You will find details of the other dance events in our pages devoted to dance.
  • Updated 21-03-2018