Cultural gems, a rich nature and landscapes of an amazing variety, succulent dishes, excellent wines and sparkling wines, festive traditions and a vibrant culture ... all along the year, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg allows you to experience unforgettable moments.

Only Grand Duchy in the world, the country boasts a fascinating variety of contrasts on its limited territory: a rich history and exemplary modernity, local flair and cosmopolitanism, big and small, hills and vales ...

Indeed, despite its small size (2,586km2), Luxembourg can more than satisfy visitors: from the Moselle vineyards to feudal medieval homes, via the silent witnesses of the steel-making past, the range of Luxembourg's tourist attractions and places of relaxation is of a surprising variety.

Birthplace of the idea of ​​a unified Europe, headquarters of many European institutions, focal point for different cultures, Luxembourg is today home to a European microcosm. Explore the similarities and specificities of the different cultures that define them!

  • Updated 30-01-2017