Finding a job

This page guides you in your job search, informs you about the various sources of job offers and provides information on what to do before you start looking for a job, such as writing a CV and application letters, making a request for an extract from the police records, etc. A good place to start is the employment portal of the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi, ADEM).

Registration as a job seeker with the ADEM

If you want to:

  • find a job in the Grand Duchy,
  • obtain information on the labour market,
  • make use of vocational guidance services,

please contact the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi, ADEM) or consult the 'S'inscrire à l'ADEM' page on the Employment portal. The main role of the ADEM is to register unemployed persons as job seekers. But the ADEM also serves as a contact point for employees and organises career guidance for young people under 30 years of age and adults.

For personalised guidance, job seekers can ascertain the appropriate agency for them on the basis of where they live., the administrative guide of the Luxembourg State, describes the procedure for 'Registering as a job seeker' on its Citizens' portal.

Consult the ADEM's JobBoard

The JobBoard is an online service offered by the National Employment Agency (ADEM), for use by job seekers and employers. It is an interactive platform intended to increase the chances of bringing employers and job seekers together. Job seekers can consult offers from companies online, and employers can view the CVs of job seekers registered with the ADEM. 

Jobseeking on the Internet

A list of private websites offering jobs is available on the website, in the section entitled 'Je cherche du travail'. You can look for jobs on one of these websites and leave your CV online.

Temporary employment agencies also offer a wide range of jobs in the secondary and tertiary sectors. You will find their contact details in the online yellow pages at or

Many companies established in the Grand Duchy post their job offers on their websites.

EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, allows you to access job offers updated in real time in 31 European countries, including the Grand Duchy.

Recruitment for State employment

For all information on State job recruitment, please visit the Public Service Portal. This portal provides you with information on vacancies, procedures to follow and conditions for employment with the State, preliminary tests, and required language skills.

Conditions for starting a job in the Grand Duchy on the Citizens' Portal at, the administrative guide of the Luxembourg State, describes a number of procedures to complete before starting your job search:

CVs and application letters

You can find examples of CVs and letters to support job applications on the website:

The ADEM Job Club offers free services for anyone seeking employment, including advice on preparing CVs and application letters. For more information about the support measures in your job search, visit the Employment portal.

By registering with EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, you can create your own CV under the heading 'My EURES', and make it available to registered employers and EURES advisers who assist employers in their search for suitable candidates.

The Chamber of Employees website offers a useful series of standard forms of contracts and job-application letters, at

  • Updated 26-07-2018