Employment of young people

You have your diploma — now what?

The anelo.lu portal is intended for young people who are newly qualified or making the transition to working life. It helps you find a job that matches your skills, and guides you in your training and your choice of a profession. And if you have not yet decided on your profession, voluntary service or a company placement may provide you with the experience needed for better guidance.

The 'Guide for future diploma holders' (Guide du future diplômé), published annually by the Association of Luxembourg Student Circles (Association des cercles d'étudiants luxembourgeois, ACEL), is a useful source of information for young diploma holders. For more information: www.acel.lu

Finding a job

Visit anelo.lu, the reference portal for young people making the transition to working life

Find out online what you need to do to find a job on the anelo.lu website under the heading 'I’m looking for work' ('Je cherche du travail'). You will find a list of websites that specialise in finding employment.

The anelo.lu portal also offers practical assistance with CVs, application letters, validation of your diploma, etc.

Visit the Guidance Centre (Maison de l’orientation)

The Guidance Centre brings together under the same roof all the administrations and departments that help both young and not so young people find their bearings in active life:

This is the place for young people needing information in order to choose the path to follow or to find their first job through an apprenticeship contract.

Looking for a student job?

The best way to find a student job is to contact a company or a municipal or public authority.

  • You can find advice and job offers on the jobs.youth.lu website.
  • The Citizens' Portal provides information on the procedure for 'Drawing up a student contract'.
  • The Job4students portal of the University of Luxembourg provides a link between university students looking for a student job, placement or employment, and companies which are interested in student profiles and offer employment, placements and student jobs.

For more information, please visit our 'Jobs and placements for students' page.

Measures to promote youth employment

In 2013, the unemployment rate for young people (15-24 years of age) was about 15% whereas for the population as a whole it was around 7%. Whilst the youth unemployment rate in the Grand Duchy may seem high, it is still well below the European Union average, which is about 23%.

The Youth Employment Service of the National Employment Agency (ADEM) implements measures for youth employment, namely the "contrat d’appui-emploi" (CAE) and the "contrat d'initiation à l'emploi" (CIE).

  • The employment support contract (contrat d'appui-emploi, CAE), which is reserved for promoters who can offer young jobseekers a real prospect of employment at the end of the contract, aims to ensure that, during working hours, young people are introduced to work or receive practical and theoretical training facilitating their integration into the labour market.
  • The aim of the employment initiation contract (contrat d'initiation à l'emploi, CIE) is to offer young jobseekers practical training during working hours in order to enhance their skills and facilitate their integration or reinstatement in the labour market.

These measures are aimed at residents under 30 years of age. They are not an end in themselves, but seek to keep young jobseekers occupied whilst they are looking for a job, at the same time allowing them to gain work experience.

Other projects in favour of employment for young people


HelloFuture is a project, launched in early 2017, that aims to encourage young people in the Grand Duchy to take up jobs in industry. A range of tools (Internet site, placement offers, tour of secondary schools, etc.) is available for 14-30-year-olds to provide them with better information on the subject and to prepare their future in exciting jobs in the aerospace industry, logistics, the digital environment, the automobile industry, etc.  

The Youth Guarantee (Garantie pour la jeunesse)

The Youth Guarantee, introduced in June 2014, is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 24 years who have left school or lost their job.

Its goal is to make certain that young job seekers do not remain for longer than 4 months without an offer of a job, training, or a placement.

The Youth Guarantee considers the young person's profile and personal situation. This means that all young people are offered individual accompaniment throughout their path towards active life. The path may take one of three different routes, depending on the young person's profile and intentions:

  • The route based on employment: The National Employment Agency aims to work with the young person to define and complete the stages and the aid/training that would bring stable employment into the young person's reach.
  • The route based on school: The Local Action for Young People of the Vocational Training Department accompanies young people considering returning to school after having dropped out.
  • The route based on activation: The National Youth Service focuses its attention on young people who have no real idea of what to do with their lives, particularly young NEETs (not in employment, education or training). Together, they will define a route, in several stages, towards the world of employment.

Since the public stakeholders are undertaking to offer a quality service, the young people for their part are required to abide by the undertakings they enter into at the start of their accompaniment. This reciprocal commitment is officialised by the signing of a collaboration agreement between the young person and one of the institutions involved; the accompaniment will then begin within a maximum of four months as from the date of formal registration. 

For more information please consult www.jugendgarantie.lu, the official website of the Youth Guarantee (in French)

  • Updated 03-01-2019