Labour employment law

Whether a resident or cross-border worker, a European or a third-country national, every employee working in the Grand Duchy is subject to the provisions of labour law.

Most active laws and regulations regarding work and employment in Luxembourg are incorporated in the Labour Code.

The first Labour Code, published by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, was brought into force on 1 September 2006.

Questions about labour employment law?

Please request information from the Chamber of Employees (Chambre des salariés) or via the Help Centre of the Inspectorate of Labour and Mines (Inspection du travail et des mines, ITM)

Chamber of Employees

The Chamber of Employees provides exhaustive information about employee rights on its website:

As employees have rights but also duties,, the administrative guide of the Luxembourg state, provides information about work and employment related procedures on its Citizens' Portal (section Work/Employment). For example, there is information about the various kinds of employment contracts.

The Business Portal on provides information to businesses about the different aspects of labour employment law.

Inspectorate of Labour and Mines

The Inspectorate of Labour and Mines has responsibility regarding working conditions and protection of workers in the exercise of their professional activity (with the exception of civil servants).

The ITM Help Centre is a call centre (+352 247 76200) and electronic helpdesk ( whose purpose is to answer all questions relating to health and safety in the workplace, and to labour law, that may be submitted by employees and entrepreneurs.

  • Updated 22-03-2018