Getting about in Luxembourg

Statistically, Luxembourg has one of the highest number of cars per inhabitant. At the same time, traffic has been steadily increasing overs the past years.

However, the awareness of the population for environmental issues and quality of life means that journeys without cars are becoming more common. The Luxembourg public transportation system offers many solutions, which are constantly developed.

Those in political responsibility have also advertised their will that by 2020, 25% of all daily journeys should be made by the public transportation system, 25% should be made on foot or by bike, and the remaining 50% should only be made by car. 

In terms of mobility, the public authorities are clearly aiming to increase and diversify public transport and promote soft mobility.

Good examples of this are the promotion of cycling, the development of a national network of cycle paths, urban bike rental facilities, the introduction of more flexible local bus services and carsharing. Furthermore, a tramway line is being built in the capital and will be operational in 2017.

  • Updated 31-01-2017