The Mullerthal, in the east of the country, is known as 'Luxembourg's Little Switzerland' because of its many remarkable rock formations.

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This 'Little Switzerland' is full of natural wonders such as the Schéissendëmpel (Schiessentümpel) waterfall. The region is characterised by rocky landscapes, vast forests and winding streams.

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The Mullerthal is the perfect place for walking, cycling and other sports activities. The paths and routes are well maintained and clearly marked, and there is an extensive network of walking trails (the 'Mullerthal Trail') and cycle tracks. The steep slopes in Berdorf are also a favourite destination for climbing enthusiasts.

The Mullerthal has a wealth of historical heritage. Much like the surrounding regions, it has several castles, including two in Beaufort (the mediaeval fortress and the Renaissance château). Traces of human activity from more than 7,000 years ago have also been found here, along with the oldest human remains in Luxembourg.

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The region's capital, Echternach, is the oldest town in Luxembourg. It was founded in Roman times and served as an important base for the Christianisation of neighbouring regions and a key religious centre, as reflected by the impressive Basilica of St Willibrord and the buildings of the old abbey.

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