The centre-west region can be seen as the country's green belt. It offers countless natural beauty spots and is known for its calm, bucolic landscapes, such as the area around the village of Koerich.

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The centre-west lends itself perfectly to walking and cycling. It is a great place to take some time out from a busy schedule and enjoy the stunning and wonderfully varied surroundings.

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The region's villages, such as Fischbach (near Mersch), nestle in rolling green hills. The topography and the proximity of the Fortress of Luxembourg gave the centre-west considerable strategic importance in the Middle Ages, so it is hardly surprising that the landscape is liberally sprinkled with buildings dating from the period.

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The 'Valley of the Seven Castles' is a wonderful 24km-long trail of mediaeval fortresses. It includes the remains of Koerich Castle as well as the châteaux in Mersch, Schoenfels, Hollenfels and Septfontaines and the two châteaux in Ansembourg.

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As well as its many castles, the region has a host of other architectural highlights, from churches to archaeological sites, traditional houses and characterful villages. The old village of Meysembourg, abandoned by its inhabitants in the mid-19th century, has been partly preserved and now stands as a memorial to its eventful past.

The calm, peaceful landscapes contrast with the region's industrial and commercial sites. The industrial plants in the centre-west, such as the vast Goodyear site in Colmar-Berg, are among the largest in the entire country.

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