The Oesling (or Éislek) region, characterised by its rolling hills, is located in the north of the country and is Luxembourg's corner of the Ardennes. It is famous for its unspoilt nature and uninterrupted countryside, where high plateaus alternate with wooded slopes and deep valleys crossed by rivers such as the Our.

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Although the land here is not particularly fertile, agriculture plays an important economic role in the Oesling region. While the number of smallholdings has fallen in recent decades, much of the area is still taken up by farmland.

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The region is also undergoing a process of economic diversification, with the development of several large industrial and commercial sites. It is a significant producer of renewable energy, with hydropower from the Vianden Dam and pumped storage plant, wind power and biofuel plantations.

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The Oesling has a rich and varied heritage. Alongside its typical Ardennes towns and villages, it boasts imposing medieval remains, the most well-known being Bourscheid Castle (above) and the fortresses in Vianden and Clervaux.

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When it comes to leisure activities, the Our and Haute-Sûre nature reserves offer endless possibilities for swimming, water sports, walking, horse riding and mountain biking.

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The Oesling is a real paradise for hikers of all ages and profiles. The vast natural spaces are virtually made for long walks, offering astonishing views and giving access to the cultural and gastronomic offerings of the region.

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