The Grand Duchy in the world

The Moselle village of Schengen is a perfect example for a united Europe. This is the place where, near the tripoint between Luxembourg, France and Germany, the well-known Schengen agreements were signed in 1985.

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Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, was born in Luxembourg City in 1886, in the Clausen suburb.

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The monument "Schengen agreements", erected along the Moselle promenade and consisting of three steel steles, commemorates the signature of the Schengen agreements in 1985.

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The European Museum in Schengen, inaugurated in 2010, is devoted to the history of the European borders and of the Schengen agreements.

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The 26 "nation pillars" in Schengen, erected along the Moselle and near the European Museum, honor the European countries having ratified the Schengen agreements to date.

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'Non-violence' by Frederik Reutersnärd – a gift from Luxembourg to the United Nations in 1988

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