Public prosecutor

The task of the public prosecutor ('parquet') is to represent and defend the public interest.

Public prosecutors are tasked with representing the public in court and their main mission is to investigate crimes and offences, demand that the law be applied, and ensure that judgments are enforced.

The members of the Public Prosecution Office are headed by the State Public Prosecutor, whom they represent in courts and tribunals, where they exercise their functions under the authority of the Minister of Justice.

Public prosecutors are aided in their task by officers of the judicial police, who record violations of criminal law, seek the perpetrators and gather evidence.

The State Public Prosecutor and the Advocates General form the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Supreme Court of Justice, which is competent throughout the Grand Duchy.

The two State Public Prosecutors and their deputies form the district prosecutors' offices at the District Courts.

  • Updated 06-12-2018