The Chamber of Deputies is the parliament of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Parliament is made up of 60 Members of Parliament, called 'Député' (Deputy), elected for a five-year term by means of mixed one-person-one-vote suffrage and a system of proportional representation.

The last parliamentary elections in the Grand Duchy were held on 14 October 2018. The next legislative elections are going to take place in 2023.

The Grand Duchy has a unicameral parliamentary system.

The parliament, the government and the Council of State are involved in the legislative procedure. The main function of the parliament is to vote on government and parliament bills. Members of Parliament possess a right of parliamentary initiative, which is exercised by putting forward parliamentary bills. This right is exercised moderately.

The Constitution also reserves to the Parliament certain powers in financial matters and gives it a right to examine the government's actions.

Finally, in international affairs, the concurrence of Parliament is required for a treaty to take effect in the territory of the Grand Duchy.

Parliament convenes in the capital and its meetings are public.

The political parties represented in Parliament (2018-2023):

The website of the Chamber of Deputies provides information on the organisation and role of Parliament, as well as documents and records of the meetings.

  • Updated 05-06-2019