The Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council (CES) was established in 1966 as an advisory body to the government. Its responsibility is to investigate economic, financial and social issues affecting either several economic sectors or the national economy as a whole. It may be called upon by the government or act on its own initiative.

The government seeks the council’s advice on matters regarding general legislative or regulatory measures that it intends to implement whenever these concern several economic sectors, several professional groups or the national economy as a whole.

The CES can also be called upon in specific cases or in cases of general interest, for example when the professional chambers have given fundamentally divergent opinions about a law or regulation.

The government also notifies the council of any opinions issued by the Tripartite Coordination Committee.

Every year, the Economic and Social Council establishes, during the first quarter of every year, a report on the economic, financial and social situation of the country. This report in particular is the basis for the development of the annual government's statement on the economic, social and financial situation to the Chamber of Deputies.

The CES is also responsible for assessing the implications, on a national level, of the European framework agreements concluded by employers and unions. The CES organises the cooperation between the Luxembourg delegations of the supranational advisory bodies, the Economic and Social Council of the Greater Region, the Economic and Social Council of the Benelux Economic Union and the European Economic and Social Council.

The CES consists of representatives from the business sector, the liberal professions, the industry of agriculture and viticulture, as well as employee representatives from the private and public sector and members directly appointed by the government. The presidency is assured in turn by a representative of the employers, employees or the government.

  • Updated 28-04-2015