National symbols

The symbols which have been adopted by the Luxembourg nation are of the utmost importance and value, for they represent the identity of a people, their sovereignty, and above all their desire to 'live together'.

With regard to the Luxembourg state, should be noted:

  • the state coat of arms
  • the Luxembourg flag
  • the national anthem
  • The national holiday

Since 1972 the Luxembourg coat of arms and flag have been defined, and hence protected by law, while the national anthem has been defined and protected against non-authorised usage since 1993.

Usage of the grand ducal coat of arms, the municipal coats of arms, the emblems and symbols of the administrations and public services is equally protected by law.

The emblems of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (coats-of-arms, flag, national anthem) are laid down in the Official Journal A, n°73 of 16 September 1993.

  • Updated 22-03-2018